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Whitehill 1960's

PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2022 1:59 pm
by Whistleberry Bing
Hi All

Living in south of England I sadly can't get to many Accies games, or even back to Hamilton much, and lately I've been thinking about childhood memories in Hamilton. I was brought up in EK, but, because my Mum and Dad worked full time Mon - Friday, I used to spend all my summer holiday weekdays, form about ages 10 - 14 staying with my cousin of same age, who lived in Whitehill with my Gran. They were magical days of football and games in the street, and exploring and playing on the nearby coal bing, and the rail line and wagons at the top of the bridge at the end of Abbotsford Road. I remember going to Douglas Park with cuz to drop off cash for the raffle tickets which we had been selling for the club, and I remember once sneaking into then manager's - Ronnie Simpson, - to have a look and see what it was like.This would be in the late 60s/ early 70s

Anyway, I've been trying to get a hold of a street map of Hamilton for around that time, but without success, the archived OS maps are either wrong period or too small scale, so does anybody know where I can source an old street map of around this time?

Also, if anyone can help me with a couple of questions, below, I'd really appreciate it. I guess, having lived away from Scotland for many years, I am getting more homesick as I get older1

1. Mum used to bring me down on a Monday on the bus from East Kilbride, and we walked to Gran's flat in Abbotsford Road from Burnbank, over the little footbridge and down through the older housing estate, eventually through the tunnel under the rail bridge mentioned above, int Abbotsford Road. I remember, before the bridge we used to pass a school - not sure if it was primary (I think so) but could have been secondary. I wondered if it was still there and what school it was?
2. We used to play on what we called Whistleberry Bing, but looking on line, I think this was actually Craighead Bing? We used to walk home from there through a brickworks, and I can remember walking past the big open kilns and feeling the heat. does anyone know when the brickworks was closed demolished ?

Sorry for the ramblings of a ageing fan, but it would be good to get the info above.

Cheers and Up the Accies

Re: Whitehill 1960's

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 5:30 am
by monkeybones
Hey there. I’ve just seen your post. I used to live in Whitehill in the 70s. I think your memory’s are a little out of order when it comes to the bridges and tunnels from Burnbank. Only school in Whitehill is St Paul’s which was rebuilt and is there. In burnbank there was Glenlee school which may be your memory.
We used to play down The Bing also. Much fun in different days. The brickworks actually is where New Douglas park stadium and Morrisons superstore now stand. Hope this helps

Re: Whitehill 1960's

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2022 11:50 am
by Whistleberry Bing
Hi Mb, thanks for your reply. You’re probably right that my memory of the route to my gran’s in Whitehall from Burnbank is skewed. I do have clear memories of walking over a grey metal footbridge on the Burnbank end but I’ve not been able to find it on street view so I wonder if I am getting that mixed up? The railway bridge at the end of Abbotsford road that we walked under is still there of course except that the road diverts away from it. My memory of that one is that it was directly at the end of and adjoined Abbotsford Road. I think you’re right about the school being Glenlee.