What A Waste Of Money

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What A Waste Of Money

Postby YeOldeHamiltonian » Mon Feb 19, 2024 7:59 pm

I posted this elsewhere, but I think it needs posted on here also.

Plenty posts/comments about the Manager and rightly so, but when you look at the size of the squad the money being squandered is off the scale for this League and it is not sustainable with decreasing crowds and neglecting our reputation for developing young players.


G: Ryan Fulton,Dean Lyness,Jamie Smith

D:Ryan Tumilty,Jackson Longridge,Stephen Hendrie,Fergus Owens,Lee Kilday,Dylan McGowan,Jamie Hamilton

M: Marley Redfearn,Connor Murray,Lewis Smith, Mikey Hewitt,Kyle McDonald,Ben Williamson,Jake Davidson,Scott Martin,Jamie Barjonas

F: Andy Winter,McKenzie Kirk,Kevin O’Hara,Jake Hastie,Euan Henderson,Akheem Rose

Out on loan:Chrissy McGinn,Cian Newbury,Joel Mumbongo,Joe McGlynn

Youth:Ben Black,Lewis Morgan,Kravala?,Lewis Latona

You could easily get 2 first teams out of this large squad who would be capable of beating most teams in this League with a decent Manager.

It looks to me that The Club Supremo has been playing Champ Manager with John Rankin gladly accepting all the incoming signings with no clue how to shape a team out of them.

A Poundshop Chelsea at this level with too many players.
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby Stevie Clarke » Mon Feb 19, 2024 10:55 pm

Paddy Meechan is also on loan at Gretna. Why loan out a young player to a team with a -77 goal difference? And why not loan out Ben Black to someone decent if you're not going to give him a sniff.

I agree with you YOH, as I usually do, but for the love of God please put a space after a comma!
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby porcupine » Tue Feb 20, 2024 11:59 am

but for the love of God please put a space after a comma!
:D :D :D

Yes, YOH, ONE space after a Comma AND Two spaces after a Full Stop! The best shorthand typist I ever worked with drummed that into all of us!!

But, to your comments. You are spot on here. I've also posted on this elsewhere having counted 31 players listed, including a J Lane (Goalkeeper), but without Black, Latona, Meechan & Kravala. 34/35 wages to meet every month? We're not even talking about the wages cost of all the coaching staff. Our owner, who really seems to want to do well for the Club, must genuinely be 'minted' with money to burn, to sustain these outlays, even for one season. We all agree that these are very questionable economics, even for a Championship Club, far less a League One outfit, who could well be there next season too. Do we want to become another Gretna?

As to on-park success, "Don't confuse Activity with Achievement" was an expression of an old boss of mine. For me, that just about sums up Accies at this stage of the season. So far, it's been a waste of someone's money.
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby AccieDownUnder » Tue Feb 20, 2024 4:13 pm

Hard to disagree with any of the above. We will most definitely need a cull of the squad in the summer. How possible that will be given the contract lengths etc I just don't know. Recruitment has to be a hell of a lot better in the summer regardless of which league we are in. How many of the current 11 would have the mentality AND ability to win a league? Not many I suspect.

This upcoming Saturdays fixture will tell us a lot about the squad. Alloa are now who we need to be better than given the league title is gone. They are currently on a decent run of form with 4 wins in their last 5 games with their only defeat to the hands of Falkirk. (5-0 albeit!). A defeat would surely be the end of Rankin.
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby Billybamz » Tue Feb 20, 2024 4:54 pm

I seem to think the last time we got promotion,out of this league we were part time??? Maybe am wrong never mind full time with 35 players.
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby Bertiejoejoe » Tue Feb 20, 2024 5:01 pm

Totally agreed. Must have money to burn or it will only go one way. Seref has bought his toy to play with but think he will need to up his game as the owner of the club to get the best for it. At times it seems to be of an amateur club with some of the stuff that goes on. Bringing in a director of football who probably knows as much as Colin McGowan knows about football is also puzzling. If you have youth who are showing high potential why not try them out in first team when opportunity arises then it’s £££s in the bank if they draw attention for performances which outweigh their age. Having the biggest full time squad in the league and getting beat of part time teams is very worrying, no change means no change unfortunately. Time will tell.
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby YeOldeHamiltonian » Tue Feb 20, 2024 5:40 pm

I think the last 10 games we are fifth in the table and after the first round of games to now, Alloa would be ahead of us which tells it’s own story.
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Re: What A Waste Of Money

Postby accies1874 » Tue Feb 20, 2024 6:10 pm

I think the only ones confirmed to be under contract for next season are:

McGowan, Tumilty, Martin, MacDonald, Williamson

There will be others, but the club have always been really poor at keeping fans in the loop with regard to contract lengths - perhaps due to extension/release clauses.

If they are mostly on on-year deals then that should in theory allow us to trim the fat in the summer, however there are enough underperforming players that we'll probably be looking at another summer rebuild regardless of which division we're in. This wouldn't bother me quite as much if they were open about a sustainable longer term plan to get promoted, but Zengin's Promotion At All Costs mantra makes it more frustrating when promising young players are side-lined for duds who'll leave after a year (at most).
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