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Re: Challenge Cup v Killie

Postby Beardy » Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:23 am

Home attendance 5 minutes before kickoff was around 100 - 120 (yes I counted), there was a "rush" to the seats as the teams came out so i'd estimate 180 in the home stand including journos & visiting guests.

Hope you can get a refund on that freebie YeOldeHamiltonian.

Had to turn off the post match sketch , cant be arsed with repeats & the banal, dull, toothless questions.
"So gaffer, we went ahead late in the game, the boys worked really hard, lots of positives to take away from tonights performance but the defence collapsed like a flan in a cupboard and we got reamed once again by a team that looked pretty disinterested for the other 87 minutes, so let me ask, what is your favourite opal fruit flavour boss?"
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