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Re: Accies takeover bid

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:14 pm
by manxaccie
So nothing much has really changed in all this time then. The football club is definitely still the 'tax efficient play thing for businessmen'. Watson may be gone but it's now McGowan in his place.

I must admit that, when Ronnie came in, I was envisaging a much better run football club. You've had arguably the most successful period ever, a pretty good youth system - even if the amount of cash generated from player sales is a bit overblown, it has produced decent players for the 1st team, a modern stadium & a pretty decent artificial pitch, which itself cuts down on costs.


The stadium isn't owned by the football club, it still appears to be run to be as tax efficient as possible for certain individuals, and no one has anyway of checking the books properly. Oh, and the football has gone downhill as well!

Until this model changes we will never see any real growth as a club. We've obviously benefited from Ronnie's expertise on the footballing side of things, but how many guys like him are about, and how many of those are going to come in and work alongside McGowan? I wouldn't have thought many. The only people it's likely to appeal to are unscrupulous businessmen looking for an loss making business to exploit.

Sorry, I realise this has all been mentioned before, its just pretty depressing.

Re: Accies takeover bid

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:46 pm
by Stevie Clarke
As mentioned on the Colin McGowan thread, it appears they haven't even paid off the mortgage on the stadium. TT reckons over £2m still outstanding. I'm sure most Accies fans would have naturally assumed that it had been paid off with the rental income we've accumulated over twenty years.