A club in decline - cyclical or terminal?

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A club in decline - cyclical or terminal?

Postby TerracingTomas » Sat Oct 16, 2021 1:20 pm

Not surprisingly much social media debate after last nights’ result on whether the club is heading for the seaside leagues or worse. When Les (remember him) was taking his turn as Chairman he gave an interview in which he described Accies as a yo-yo club. Win promotion, stay up for a couple of seasons, get relegated, rebuild get promoted again etc etc. Given that philosophy it’s no surprise that we never invested in the team to become an ‘established’ Premiership club. But if you are the owners then presumably that’s what they think is going to happen again. Build the team around youth (THERE IS NO OTHER WAY) and in two or three seasons we will get promoted again. Let’s face it, all clubs go through cycles even the old firm. Currently by their own standards it’s Celtic that are failing but 3/4 seasons from now who knows.

So are the owners correct that all will come good in due course or are we a club in terminal decline both in football and financial terms destined for another relegation and part time football and who knows after that? Our 7 seasons in the Premiership probably surprised the owners. Given the tight budgets and philosophy, they never expected that and when relegation came it came against a background of the worst set of circumstances. On the field coved/injuries/poor management impacted on everything meaning the club ended up relegated and with a 1.2 million government loan round its neck. Off the field the stadium lost its principle tenant in the council incurring a half million yearly loss between rental income and additional rates burden. No amount of fairground attractions and nightclub events are going to fill that hole. And not surprisingly having been told by Maitland that all monies from these events go the club, once again I see that the forthcoming fireworks night and the football history event are co badged with Blameless meaning a share of profits is getting syphoned off to Mcgoofeys’ personal charity.

No quick return to the Premiership means no quick return to increased prize money and old firm gates. The prospect of selling the next young star looks remote. The club has shamelessly talked up Jamie Hamilton as the next million pound player and put him in the shop window for the last 18 months+ but no takers. No new contract means the most we can expect is a development fee. Off the field the north stand lies empty and I’ve heard that the Core physio gym is moving out of the main stand adding to the loss of revenue/rates burden. Replacing these tenants anytime soon appears unlikely and means the stadium is at risk from becoming a white elephant on which a mortgage still has to be paid as well as rates. At the same time the revenue generated from sponsors/ advertisers reduces, because whatever Mcgoofey says about them only being there because of his ‘social welfare’ philosophy we all know it’s to piggy back on the clubs’ football presence and success.

So things are looking bleak for the club’s future prospects but still recoverable if Ronnie still has the balls and fire in his belly to significantly invest in the squad in January and Mcgoofey may still pull a rabbit out the hat if Blue Triangle secure the funds and approval to turn the North stand into a rehab centre. You toss the coin and see which side it lands.
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Re: A club in decline - cyclical or terminal?

Postby smc4761 » Sat Oct 16, 2021 3:32 pm

Excellent post as always TT. I love your honest assessment and agree with all you have said

Things do come in cycles but this is gonna be a huge cycle. Barring a miracle we are going down again this year. No funds for transfers, putting your faith in toddlers against a league full of decent pros and youth in other teams. Dwindling crowds and if things keep going as I expect, crowds will drop further.

The club as a whole are run by amateurs from top to bottom. They have no vision, no planning, are way behind in terms of social media. I accept that Covid has played havoc with club finances, BUT that has affected all clubs in our league and below and as rule these clubs seem to be doing OK and not on a downward spiral like we are.

Many clubs hate playing on astroturf so you think that would give us an advantage. Quite the opposite, our home record is appalling.

WE do need someone to come in get shot of McGowan and actually have a BOD who actually care about the product on the park. With our club in freefall and money tight no person the their right mind would invest in football, particularly Accies.

We keep being told about our wonderful yoof system. But is it really that great. I am guessing the idea is to bring the young lads through the system, get the in first team and sell them on. Now the young lads are great prior to going to first team then generally it goes tits up. You can count on 1 hand the number of players who have come through and been sold on. The last one being Greg Docherty about 4 years ago

I would love to talk up the team but lets be honest what positives have come from club in past few years. Anyone
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