Rallying Call

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Rallying Call

Postby YeOldeHamiltonian » Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:41 pm

I posted this elsewhere,but it sums up my current feelings about the team after yesterday.I expect it get worse before it gets better.

Some Stats:

Jan 7th 2021: last home win v Motherwell(no fans).

March 20th 2021: Accies 1 v 1 St.Mirren -last home League goal(six months).

14 Home games without a win.

2021/22: Three home League games with NO Goals.

As above, SIX Months without a home League Goal.

7th March 2020: Accies 1 v 0 Killie Last home League game with fans;Ogympoe 92nd minute Penalty.

21 December 2019: Accies 2 v 1 Hearts Last home League win without a Penalty winner.

I have had a big rethink.All of us are angry and are hitting out at each other.

That is because WE CARE and it shows passion and activity which has been missing in action since well before the aforementioned stats.

I asked plenty questions at the Fans Forum and quoted some of these stats to Allan Maitland who agreed they were not acceptable.

I feel that The current Board/Management and Coaching team are floundering and mistakes by them and The Owner McGowan are having this end result of a bad product on the pitch.

Who do I feel sorry for?


Young guys not physically and mentally prepared for this scenario which they didn't expect to be in.

I warned on here last season this could happen and made a big post about it saying better to lose at the big clubs than being hammered by dross and I explained why in that post.

It has all come to pass sadly.

The PLAYERS are being let down by incompetence and bad Leadership all around them from the Dugout to the Padded Seats in the Director's box.

I look at this long term and see a sinking ship doing a Brechin City and if we do this,that is us finished as a Club...forever more.

We will be an Albion Rovers(a club in a big town who go nowhere) or at worst an East Kilbride.You will NEVER again in your lifetime or your kids lifetimes see an Accies team win League games at Ibrox,Easter Road,Parkhead,Pittodrie or beat Motherwell on a regular basis with memorable wins at Fir Park against the odds.

Motherwell will send their under 18 players here to gain experience-such will be the drop in stature of our club.

It is depressing going to games, but even more depressing half the fanbase has thrown the towel in.There has been no Singing/Drums etc for four years.

Yes,we know McGowan etc chased the young team away,but too many folk took the easy option in tough times then.

Well,it is a million times tougher now.I leave the house and immediately I am deflated hearing away supports from dross teams make our ground a home game for them.Complete silence from our support.

If I feel deflated,imagine what they young lads feel with no support.

Do we all want McGowan and Co out?Absolutely-especially myself as I see a club with the potential to do so much more being frittered away with bad Ownership/Leadership and incompetence.

However, NEVER forget that it is our club.We can try to do our bit to ensure we don't fall any further as then it will really be game over and no one will ever even think of taking the Club into new Ownership.

By then,we will have lost the existing support with NO younger generations appearing to support a part-time club who will celebrate beating Albion Rovers as a big achievement.

My view-which has changed- is that these young lads who are lost,bewildered, bullied and drained of confidence need our SUPPORT more than ever.Yes, our Support-not McGowan,Maitland etc but young guys not up to it and with a Manager who doesn't inspire confidence like the previous two before him.

I will say one thing: a busy home crowd singing and encouraging them will maybe yield enough points to get us out of this mess despite the many mistakes made elsewhere in the club.

We can all play a part in this.The old Accies mantra "We're Hamilton Accieś,we never give up" is needed now more than ever.

Fans can still protest, but these young lads out of their depth need our support more than ever as the consequences if we go down will be a million times worse than dropping out the top League.

I don't want to see up drop any further as next season will be even more horrific if we go down.

Up to you guys, but this team needs the backing at home games like we gave the Under 18 team in Europe which some of them played in.

Have a think.We are all against the decisions and Ownership but forgetting there are young guys who need our SUPPORT more than ever.
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Re: Rallying Call

Postby monkeybones » Mon Sep 20, 2021 7:35 am

Great post agree 100%

Just come and support your football team. Support is what these young men need. It might be your team but it’s their chosen career! Create a better atmosphere while at games and see what can happen on the pitch. It’s our club. I totally understand the anger and you are not wrong folks but let’s stop our fighting.
We can’t let this temporary crap situation take away our Saturdays and affection for our team.
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Re: Rallying Call

Postby Bluesy » Mon Sep 20, 2021 8:22 am

Best post I’ve seen on any forum in years.

I can’t add anything to that except my support
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Re: Rallying Call

Postby TerracingTomas » Mon Sep 20, 2021 12:55 pm

In a sense you are talking to the wrong people YOH. Virtually everyone who posts on social media whatever format supports the team on the park and the majority attend games both home and away. I realise some people can’t go because of work, location etc. You quite rightly pointed to the crowd and atmosphere at the UEFA Youth tie. I still scratch my head and ask where they came from.

So what’s the answer. Do I shout louder and more often? The Ayr support and the noise they made highlighted the difference but we have had over 6 years of largely negative football which would knock the stuffing out of any support. Then as you point out “McGowan etc chased the young team away”
Maitland when he became chair talked about involving fans and a once again growing the support but it hasn’t happened and I’m not even getting into the debate about why. You and I know the answer to that. As a first step we need the younger element and the drum back. Secondly the product on the park has to improve. I honestly look forward to away games rather than home ones. Thirdly there needs to be a cultural change amongst the owners or at least one of them a change that embraces football and the fans. A boy can dream can’t he.
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Re: Rallying Call

Postby Stevie Clarke » Mon Sep 20, 2021 8:34 pm

That is a great post but dare I say it, some of YOH 's pals would call us happy clappers if we clapped the young lads after a defeat.
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Re: Rallying Call

Postby YeOldeHamiltonian » Mon Sep 20, 2021 9:12 pm

Forgot to mention there are plenty people boycotting because of McGowan/BOD and that is why we are now down to 900+ home fans.

Thing is, we all want you know who and his crazy schemes gone, but neither he-nor the rest- are going anywhere and a slide down the Leagues will make us less attractive to any potential buyers as well as leading to less income,a weakened team and less money for signings.

Watching the game on Saturday highlighted to me a young team desperate for support.Accies were always renowned for a good singing support up till a few years ago and it sticks in my craw these mediocre clubs coming here and making it like a home game for them atmosphere wise.

I expect it to get worse before it gets better, but we all have a part to play here in stopping the continued decline.

Saturday changed it all for me.I see young lads who need to regain confidence and a support backing them will undoubtedly help.
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